Frequently asked questions

How should I start investment in stock market?

Most important factor is to understand how stock market and financial industry works and how can you benefit from it, and the best way to learn and have a preliminary idea is to read books, written by the great experts to gain knowledge.

From What Amount Should I start My Investment?

Investment and financial freedom is a marathon not a sprint and hence one needs to be fundamentally sound in investment and that takes learning, time and capital, and this is more about habits rather then just buy/sell trades hence It is first expected to start as small as possible but just starting, with even a hundred rupees by buying a market index ETF, just to get the hang of investment, and then slowly learning and understanding to grow the portfolio and investments both.

Should I go for trading or investment?

Investment is a process with a long term vision by being a part owner of a company which produces goods and adds value to the society, trading is a speculative business on the price of a share, both are seen as money making activities, and both take time, effort and capital, hence it is advised a person should start by investing, having a corpus fund which grows passively and if one wishes to try trading sure afer suitable learning one must do and gain direct experience.

Can You Show A Portfolio Example with suitable Asset Allocation?

Yes, sure here is a small close ended portfolio which our team created in the march of 2020, when stock market around the world had crashed and this is just for an example. Though you might refer to the model portfolio we have created and buy our services as well. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xFWIErmasI8UOExP_d1kVbfWuI7MPMTAf_g39jXU-0U/edit?usp=sharing Please have a look, this is a very small portfolio which was made based on the fundamental analysis of all stocks, and this is real time updated so it showed how much this portfolio would have grown if the shares were actually bought in similar manner.